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About the Show

Every other week, Techfoolery goes live to the chagrin of the tech community at large, disappointing and enraging them with completely asinine insights, unfounded speculation, and snark until the cows come home. It’s a show about how fanboyism can be fun again, instead of this stupid “I own this thing, which means I hate you and your other thing because it’s not the same” argument. It’s also a show with a meatloaf as a mascot, so that probably tells you how seriously you should take everything they say. Every other week, Ashley and Mike chit chat about their favorite tech stories since the last episode, give reviews of products from companies who think we’re barely legitimate, and sprinkle in a slew of wacky bits and weird segments for your viewing pleasure. Whether you love or hate it, Techfoolery’s definitely out there, and it’s probably confusing you.


About the Hosts

Ashley Esqueda

Your Fearless Leader

She’s loud, she’s inimitable, and she’s fully capable of verbally eviscerating anything that crosses her path: Ashley Esqueda is the host of Techfoolery, and it’s a well-known fact that she may or may not have been involved in the French Revolution. “Ashley brings so many things to the podcast,” Mike says. “You already mentioned loud, ummm… hilarious opinions? Scathing insights! Brutal honesty and unmitigated gall. Oh, and she has a large, attractive head.”


Mike Hobbs

Your Fearful Leader

He’s intellectual, he wears glasses, and he named his cat Bubo: Mike Hobbs co-hosts Techfoolery, and his undying, cult-like devotion to everything Apple is the worst kept secret since Watergate. “Mike is a tour-de-force,” Ashley says. “He can’t be ruffled, which is good since he doesn’t have feathers, and he always uses extreme caution. He lives in constant fear of his imminent and bizarre death, which makes him unpredictable. I like that.”