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Episode 8 – RIM still falling, HTC Sensation review, E3 Swag Bag winner

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This week on Techfoolery, Ashley talks about why RIM’s continuous fall from grace, HTC’s flip-flop on the Desire getting Gingerbread, enters a music video contest for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, announces the winner of the Giveaway Game, and reviews the HTC Sensation 4G!

Also, Mike’s back with his Game of the Week! Make sure you check out the show and subscribe on YouTube and/or rate and review us on iTunes!

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Episode 7 – E3 Extravaganza! Bioshock Infinite, Super Mario 3DS, Microsoft Kinect, Playstation Vita


This week’s show is our annual E3 Extravaganza! Check out what we saw on the show floor: Microsoft Kinect voice commands and added features for games like Mass Effect 3 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier; Sony’s Playstation Vita (and the AT&T fail); and Nintendo’s Wii U and expanded 3DS lineup.

Ashley also talks about her favorite games at the show this year, and we have a giveaway! Here’s how it works: Head over to our youtube channel ( and subscribe — THEN, leave a comment on the episode HERE telling us what you’re MOST looking forward to from E3 and why! The prize? A SUPER SWEET E3 swag bag!

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Episode 6 – WWDC, Windows 8, HTC’s OpenSense, and E3!


On this episode of Techfoolery, Ashley talks HTC opening up their Sense UI on Android for developers, Steve Jobs delivering the keynote at WWDC, previewing E3, and what Windows 8 is going to look like. She also reviews the HTC Flyer, a delightful little 7″ Android tablet with a magic pen, and drops a meteor on the newest d-bag of the week.

Mike won’t be a staple of the show from here on out — but he’ll make major cameos!

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Big News! We’re going WEEKLY

So, Mike and I have had some interesting conversations with some pretty awesome folks. And we realized that we’re not bringing you enough content, and definitely not as often as we’d like.

That being said, we’ve decided we’re going to move to a weekly format — and a THREE TIMES A WEEK format, at that! Here’s how we’re breaking it down:

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll get a new micro-episode of Techfoolery. News with a different segment every two days. Each episode will clock in at under 10 minutes, letting you consume it in secret while you’re at your desk or at school! So you’ll be seeing us three times a week, every week. We’re hoping Ashley doesn’t die under the editing stress (she _probably_ won’t).

Here’s the schedule:

Monday – News, Ask Steve, and our NEW Giveaway Game!

Wednesday – News, Technodome, and Review of the Week

Friday – News, MoMA, and the Independent Consumer Technology Advertisement Retrospective

It’s only because we love you. Please feel free to leave your excitement in the comments!

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A run of the mill Techfoolery conversation


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